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Tuning PRIME and KSC-N660 and KSC-N550
« on: October 13, 2013, 12:40:16 am »
1. Press the menu button
2. Select Installation. Entre the PIN if requested. The default PIN is 0000.
3. Select Channel search
4. From the Satellite list highlight OptusD1 satellite.
5. On the right hand side select which tuner you want to tune the Prime channel to.
6. Press the GREEN button for Transponder list
7. Press the RED button to open Scan window. (make sure none of the transponders have a tick or you will not get the correct scan window)
8. Enter the following values:
a. Frequency: 12519
b. Symbol rate: 22500
c. Polarity: H
d. FEC: Auto
e. Network: Off
f. Video PID: 01013
g. Audio PID: 01113
h. PCRPID: 08183
8. Press OK to Scan
9. Press OK on "Search Finished"
10. Press OK to Exit the search menu.
11. Press OK to save.
12. Press Exit to exit the Menu.

After tuning channels, the Kaon recorders, set the filter to show the channels tuned. To show all your channels, you need to clear the filter set. Use the following instructions:

1.  While in normal TV viewing mode. Press the GREEN button to bring up the sort menu.
2.  Go to "Tuner" on the left hand side and select "All Tuners" on the right hand side.
3.  Press Exit button to exit the sort menu.
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