Author Topic: Freeview Channels Changes - Prime, Four Plus 1, The Edge TV moving frequency  (Read 9355 times)


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Prime, Four Plus 1 and The Edge channels are moving frequency. The easiest way to re-tune the DTVS-1B is to carry out a factory default and the re-tuning your receiver. The following are the steps:

On the DTVS remote control:

1. Press the MENU button
2. Select "Installation" and press the OK button
3. Select "Factory default" and press the OK button
4. Enter the password. The default password is "0000"
5. Select "Yes" and press OK on the question "Do you want to factory reset?"
6. Select your closest location (use the left or right arrow buttons to change the location). They press OK.
7. Select "Yes" and press OK on the question "Do you want to scan?"
8. The receiver will start tuning the channels and will save them automatically


1. Database Empty or Tuning Failed
This means your receiver failed to find a signal. This can happen if equipment on your satellite dish
is not sending the signal as expected by the receiver. Try the following:

a) Try tuning the receiver using the following instructions:

b) If the above gets you the channels, use the following method to remove any unwanted channels:

2. If all fails you can contact our technical support number, 0800 388765 or 049745031.  If we are unable to take your
call please leave a message or, you can send an email to