Author Topic: Latest firmware DTVS-DSR1 011B  (Read 13733 times)


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Latest firmware DTVS-DSR1 011B
« on: May 06, 2015, 10:49:45 am »

The firmware can be downloaded from:

Instructions on how to install the software are below:

1. Download and extract the contents to the root directory of a USB memory key. Extracted contents will be in the directory \DTVS-DSR1.
2. Turn the Power OFF to the unit.
3. Insert the USB memory key in the USB slot
4. Turn the power on to DTVS-DSR1 while repeatedly pressing the MENU button on the DTVS-DSR1 Remote control.
5. The USB Upgrade screen will appear and the software will begin updating
6. Once the upgrade is complete, the receiver will restart.
7. Your DTVS-DSR1 is now upgraded. Remove the USB memory key and begin using your DTVS-DSR1.