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Vantage HD6000T/NZ - Channel Files
« on: November 08, 2014, 01:37:12 am »
Users of the Vantage HD6000T/NZ may experience tuning issues on some multiplexers. The following channels files can be used to force load channels on the Vantage HD6000T/NZ. Please ensure that you have software version 2.59T loaded on your receiver.

Select the file that matches the transmitter site from which the signal is received on your Vantage HD6000T/NZ and follow the instructions:

Transmitters: Parahaki, Te Aroha, Napier Airport, Mt. Taranaki, Wharite, Kaukau, Sugarloaf, Mt. Cargill, Forest Hill
Download this file:

Transmitters: Waiheke, SkyTower, Remuera, Pinehill
Download this file:

Transmitters: Waiatarua
Download this file:

Transmitters: Hamilton, Kopukairoa, Pukepoto, Whakaroa, Mt Erin, Mt Jowett, Popoiti, Ngarara, Haywards, Fitzherbert, Baxters Knob
Download this file:

Transmitters: Parikanapa
Download this file:

Transmitters: Wheatstone Rd
Download this file:

Transmitters: Mt. Campbell
Download this file:

Transmitters: Botanical Ridge
Download this file:

Transmitters: Cave Hill
Download this file:

Some channels may not work as they may not be available in the region. Please inform us via email if the files do
not work for you or channels are missing.

After downloading, please unzip the contents of the file so that you get a file with a ".si" extension.

Instructions on how to load:

1) Press the Menu button
2) Navigate through the menu and file "Delete All Channels" and press OK
3) Select "yes" to confirm you want to delete all channels
4) Insert USB stick containing the channel data
5) Navigate to USB1
6) Locate the channel data file and while highlighted press the OK button to upgrade
7) Channels will be loaded
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