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Blind Scan Tuning method to tune channels using a Sky Dish
« on: April 25, 2014, 09:59:51 am »
The preferred tuning method for DTVS-1B is to carry out a factory reset and then running through the automatic installation process.  On some occasions, the installation will fail to find a signal with "Database Empty" message given. This issue occurs when either there is a problem with the connection to the satellite dish or the "LNB" on the satellite dish is not sending the signal at the pre-programmed frequency. On majority of the occasions, we have found that the "LNB" on the Sky installed dish sends the frequency incorrectly. The best remedy is to have the "LNB" replaced.

A temporary signal can be found using the following Blind Scan method. Please note that the signal is temporary and you will lose the signal when the "LNB" further deteriorates. You will also lose your channels on the next channel update or rearrangement done by Freeview as the signal at the pre-programmed frequency is not available.


1. Press the MENU button
2. Select INSTALLATION and press OK
3. Select SATELLITE SETUP and press OK
4. Move to LNB number and change it to 5 using the arrow keys. You should see LNB LOW FREQUENCY and LNB HIGH FREQUENCY change to 10750
5. Move to "22 KHZ" and change the setting to "OFF"
6. Press the OK button
7. When asked "Do you want to scan?", select NO and press OK.
8. Select "BLIND SCAN" and press OK
9. Move to START FREQUENCY and replace the existing value with 12200
10. Move to POLARIZATION and change the value to HORZ
11. Move to SERVICE TYPE and change the value to FTA
12. Press OK to SCAN
13. The scan will begin showing the progress frequency and a yellow bar moving across to show progress.
14. Once the scan has finished, press the EXIT button

The BLIND SCAN option will collect all the services from all broadcasters. Non-Freeview channels may show from channel number 1000 and above and may show as scrambled service.
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