Author Topic: Instructions on how to remove unwanted channels  (Read 12590 times)


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Instructions on how to remove unwanted channels
« on: October 14, 2013, 05:16:56 pm »
After tuning Prime, Trackside and C4, you may find that some unavailable channels or duplicate channels have been tuned from channel number 1000 and up. You can remove these channels using the following instructions:

1. Press the Menu button.
2. Select Channel Manager and press the OK button.
3. Select Channel Organizer and press the OK button.
4. Move down to channel you want to delete and press the right arrow button on the remote to select the channel.
5. Repeat the above step for every channel you want to delete.
6. Press the Blue button on the remote control to delete the channels.
7. Select Yes and press OK to confirm delete.
8. Press the Exit button on the remote and then select Yes and OK to save the setting
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