Author Topic: Freeview Channel Changes. Re-tuning PRIME and other channels  (Read 15065 times)


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Freeview Channel Changes. Re-tuning PRIME and other channels
« on: October 13, 2013, 08:52:13 am »
Please follow these instructions:

1. Press the Menu button
2. Go down to Tools
3. On the right select Factory Reset and press OK
4. Select Yes and press Ok to confirm you want to Factory reset
5. The receiver will reset and show the Installation menu
6. Select English as your menu Language and press OK
7. Select English as your Subtitle Language and press OK
8. Select English as your Audio Language and press OK
9. Move up to Summer Time
10. Press the right arrow button to turn summer time to ON
11. Move down to OK
12. Press OK to confirm the selection
13. Select the nearest location to where you are from the list
14. Select "Automatic Freeview Installation" and press OK
15. Wait for the search to complete
16. Check for Prime in channels 1000 and above
17. You can delete the unwanted channels from 1000 and above via the Edit Channel menu

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