Author Topic: Rescanning channels on KSF-270  (Read 14294 times)


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Rescanning channels on KSF-270
« on: September 26, 2012, 09:14:34 am »
You can use the following method to re-scan channels on the KSF-270 if you have lost some channels:

1. Press Menu
2. Select Installation press OK
3. Enter PIN if requested. Default PIN is 0000
4. Move to "Optus D1" satellite and ensure "Optus D1" is highlighted in blue.
5. Press the Green button on the remote control to list the transponders.
6. Move to transponder labelled, "001 12483 22500 .." and ensure it is highlighted in blue.
7. Press the OK button to select the transponder. When selected, a "tick" will appear next to it.
8. Press the Red button on the remote control to show the scan popup menu.
9. Change "Network" to "on". Use the left and right arrow buttons to change the settings.
10. Press the OK button to scan. Allow the scan to finish.
11. Once the scan is finished, the number of new TV and Radio channels found will be shown.
12. Press OK to exit
13. Press OK to Save the channels found
14. Press Exit to exit the Menu
15. Check if you have all the channels.

The above method can be used on all Kaon models which has the "Automatic Freeview update" software.