Author Topic: Retuning instructions for your KPSF-200 Rev2  (Read 15828 times)


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Retuning instructions for your KPSF-200 Rev2
« on: July 04, 2012, 10:46:04 am »
Please use the following instructions to re-tune your receiver:

1. Press Menu
2. Select System Settings press OK
3. Enter PIN if requested. Default PIN is 0000
4. Move down to Factory Reset
5. Press OK to confirm Factory Reset. The receiver will restart and show the Easy Setup Menu
6. Select Menu Language and press OK
7. Select Audio Language and press OK
8. Select Subtitle Language and press OK
9. Set the Time to GMT+12:00 and press OK ( we are currently GMT+12:00 and during daylight savings GMT+13:00 )
10. Select the closest location from the list and press OK
11. Select "Automatic Freeview Installation"
12. Once the search is complete the number TV and Radio channels found will be shown. Press OK to continue.
13. Press OK to exit
14. Press OK to Save the channels found
15. Press Exit to exit the Menu
16. Check if you have all the channels.
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