Author Topic: Retuning instructions for your KSF-200 - Prime, Four Plus 1, The Edge TV  (Read 15435 times)


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There was a change put in yesterday that affected several receivers. If you have lost some channels in particular TV3,C4 and Prime, please use the following instructions to re-tune your receiver:

1. Press Menu
2. Select Installation and press the OK button
3. Enter PIN if requested. Default PIN is 0000
4. Highlight "Optus D1" satellite
5. Write down the value for LNB Freq. You will need this later.
6. Press MENU to go back to the previous screen
7. Select System Settings press OK
8. Enter PIN if requested. Default PIN is 0000
9. Move down to Factory Reset
10. Press OK to confirm Factory Reset. The receiver will restart and show the Easy Setup Menu
11. Select Menu Language and press OK
12. Select Audio Language and press OK
13. Select Subtitle Language and press OK
14. Set the Time to GMT+12:00 and press OK ( we are currently GMT+12:00 and during daylight savings GMT+13:00 )
15. Select the closes location from the list and press OK
16. Press OK on Channel Search
17. Highlight "Optus D1" satellite
18. On the right hand side, if the LNB Freq value is different to what you wrote down, navigate to LNB Freq and press OK to get a popup to select the correct value.
19. Press the GREEN button to show the Transponder List
20. Highlight Transponder "001. 12483 22500 H" and press the OK button. A tick will appear next to it.
21. Press the RED button to show the scan popup
22. Change the "Network" setting to ON
23. Change Search Type to FTA
24. Press OK to search
25. Once the search is complete the number TV and Radio channels found will be shown. Press OK to continue.
26. Press OK to exit
27. Press OK to Save the channels found
28. Press Exit to exit the Menu
29. Check if you have all the channels.
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