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How to Re-Tune DTVS-1 & DTVS-1B ( Database Empty error )
« on: September 26, 2010, 11:39:20 am »
One of the great things about DTVS receivers is that they are self installing which make them very easy to set up from default state. If you have for some reason lost your channels or changed something and want to rectify this, you can get the receiver back to default state and run the setup.

The following are the steps to get the receiver to default state:

1) Press the "Menu" button on the DTVS remote.
2) Select "Installation" and press OK button.
3) Use the "Down" button to move to "Factory reset" and press OK button.
4) When the password is requested, press the "0" button four times.
5) A message will appear asking if you want to "Factory reset". Highlight "yes" and press the OK button.
6) A message will appear advising the receiver is resetting and the initial setup screen will appear.
7) Your receiver is now in default state from where you can carry out the installation.

The following are the steps for tuning the receiver from default state or when you have just purchased the receiver:

1) Use the "right" or "left" button to select the location or the region your DTVS receiver is located in.
2) Press the OK button once your location or region is shown.
3) A question will appear asking if you want to "scan". Ensure "yes" is highlighted and then press the OK button.
4) The tuning process will start now. Please do not interrupt the process. The receiver will find the signal and then start loading the channels.
5) Once all the channels are loaded, the information will be saved and "TV One" will show.
6) Check if all your channels are there.


1) What to do if you get a "Tuning failed" message and then "Database empty"?

"Database empty" means that there are no channels to show. This message will show if you attempt to use the receiver after the tuning process has failed.
"Tuning failed" message will appear when the receiver is unable to find the satellite signal. So to eliminate "Database empty", you need to make sure channels are tuned in. If "tuning" fails, then please check the following:

a) You have a satellite dish installed and the dish cable is plugged into the "LNB In" connector on the DTVS receiver. The DTVS-1 and DTVS-1B are satellite receivers and require a satellite dish. They will not work off the UHF antenna.
b) If you have several cables and are not sure, follow the cable colour from your dish and plug in the one that has the same colour and a "screw in" (F-Connector) type connector.
c) If the satellite cable is plugged in, try running the setup again after resetting the receiver to its default state as per instructions above.
d) If your tuning still fails, have your dish signal checked by a professional installer. Either your LNB may have a fault or the dish is not pointed correctly.
e) If you have multiple receivers sharing the same dish, please ensure all other receivers are turned off before tuning your DTVS receiver.

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