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Title: DTVS-Smart1 - How to manually tune in Freeview channels
Post by: admin on November 11, 2016, 02:41:14 pm

It appears that after some changes in transmission, the DTVS-Smart1 is unable to automatically set up the Freeview channels at initial setup. You can skip the channel search if it fails and use the manual tuning method described below to tune the channels:

1. Press the MENU button
2. Select "Setup" and press OK
3. Enter PIN. Default PIN is 0000
4. Select "Channel Search" and press OK
5. Select "Optus D1" satellite on the left
6. Press the GREEN button to Edit Satellite
7. Move to "LNB Frequency" and press OK to show the LNB list
8. From the list select the LNB Frequency of your LNB on the dish. Most common values are 10750, 11300. Try 10750 if you have a Sky dish
9. Press the Back button to return to previous screen
10. Move to the "Transponder list" on the right and find the transponder with frequency 12456
11. Press the OK button. When selected, you will see a blue marker on the left of the frequency
12. Press the RED button to show the Search window
13. Select NIT Search as YES
14. Select Search Type as FTA
15. Press OK to search
16. Once the search is complete, press the OK button to save the search results
17. Press the BACK button to exit the menu